The best places to visit in la Roma/Condesa

Many say this neighborhood is the heart of the city. It’s one of the most diverse neighborhoods, with an unmatched nightlife and huge cultural offer, It attracts a  large percentage of foreigners and young people. So if you are cruising solo or with friends and  you are looking for a chill place to enjoy a delicious variety of culinary experiences before going out at night, or just find a small cafe to meet new people while having tea and reading your favorite book, these neighbis the place for you.


Street Art Chilango Tour (take a walking tour, and admire the coolest street art in the area.)

Enigma Rooms (To go with 2-6 friends) Live an adrenaline-filled experience. Aim to escape in the shortest possible time, solving riddles and puzzles while putting your logic, creativity and common sense to the test.)

Galerías Insurgentes Shopping Center (More than a shopping center, it’s a market where you’ll find all kinds of Mexican crafts.)


Parque España

Parque España is a lush green space in the center of our metropolis. With its wide variety of vegetation, this park  is ideal to  walk around with children and pets, they can frolic around safely while the designed landscapes transport you to a bygone place in colonial times. There are salsa nights in the park’s esplanade and a line of people who want to join in the unison dancing, but if you’ve had enough of the outdoor variety, there’s a wide offer of incredible nightlife options all around.

Parque México

Enjoy a green space designed in colonial times, with a lake, amphitheater and the perfect atmosphere to sit and enjoy the outdoors. Take a walk with family and friends, solo or with your pet. Also, there’s a great variety of places just a few steps away.

Fuente Cibeles (One of the most beautiful fountains in the heart of la Roma, apart from being a roundabout and a small park, it’s surrounded by bars, a marketplace that sets up on the weekends, restaurants and many venues.)


MODO Museum of the Object (A perfect museum to learn about objects, design, art and culture. The exhibitions normally last 1 hour.)

Jewish Historical and Holocaust Museum (A small museum that will shock you with everything you’ll learn about one of the greatest tragedies ever occurred. An excellent option for those who love history and the humanities.)

Casa Lamm Centro de Cultura (A place full of culture, creativity and art. It begins with its beautiful colonial-style structure. It’s a small museum, usually featuring contemporary exhibitions. Its location is surrounded by walkable areas to wander around  before or after the museum tour.)


Búnker Bazar (A block away from Plaza Rio de Janeiro, is a small market with all kinds of products. From stationery to sunglasses, vegan food and second-hand clothes. Here you will find everything at a reasonable price. Check availability.)


Bazar Condesa (A trendy and family marketplace). Here you’ll find everything from clothes, delicious food, jewelry and home decor. The perfect place to meet local brands and entrepreneurs. Check availability.) /bazarcondesamx/?hl=es

Bazar Resiliente (In this market you’ll find a lot of creativity and talent in all the handmade, seasonal products made by local artists. Check availability)


Mog Bistro (If it’s your first time visiting Mexico City, this is the right restaurant for you. With a huge variety of options, Mog is one of the best Asian food restaurants.)

Taqueria Orinoco (If you are looking for good tacos and a super instagrammable spot, this is the restaurant for you. You’ll fall in love with its witty presentation and its unusual and fun red and white tile locale).

Macelleria Roma (An incredible location to walk around after eating a delicious pasta. The mansion-like space is actually cozy, and everything that the Macelleria has to offer is a delight.)

✓Cool places, secrets of the neighborhood (Instagrammable) and/or street stands:

Guillermo Tovar de Teresa House Museum (An old, beautiful colonial house with an impressive art collection. It’s a quick tour, in a space that will transport you to another time.)

Plaza Romita (Plaza Romita is a special place, surrounded by what used to be neighborhoods. Luis Buñuel’s movie Los Olvidados was filmed here in 1950, and it’s a small, beautiful and quiet spot.) 

Birria El Compita. (An ode to Tijuana-style birria, just a few steps from the heart of the neighborhood. Delicious Birria you cannot miss, and you can find it open any time of the day. Ask for their secret menu, they may surprise you .) 


Bar de las Brujas (One of the oldest bars in the city, with delicious cocktails, with unique and unforgettable flavors. It’s the ideal place to go with friends, enjoy good music and a calm atmosphere.)

Departamento Studio Bar (One of the most popular nightclubs in the area. It stands out for its alternative atmosphere, bohemian-contemporary décor, and unique choice of music). It has three floors of different atmospheres

Bar Oriente (During the day it’s a restaurant andt at night a club/karaoke. A versatile place, with live music, a more hipster atmosphere where besides drinking, you can eat some of the many Asian dishes they have to offer)

✓Curious facts: 

Colonia Roma and Colonia Condesa were founded in 1902 by Orrin and Bell. Two famous circus performers who had great success in Mexico.

Los Olvidados, a film by Luis Buñuel, was shot in this neighborhood in 1950. 

Tina Modotti, Cantinflas, Agustín Lara, Dolores del Río, Juan José Arreola, among others were residents of Colonia Condesa.

During the first decade of the 20th century, Colonia Roma was part of the city’s upper class neighborhoods. 

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