Best places to see in Polanco

If you are looking for luxury, elegance, Polanco is the place for you. It has an American colonial style that contrasts with its modern buildings, which are perfectly maintained showing off its clean and modern streets. Enjoy one of the richest areas of the city with its museums, galleries, restaurants, theaters and shopping malls. If you are a big spender and plan to go shopping, visit Masaryk, it has all the luxury stores you can imagine. 


Acuario Inbursa (The only aquarium in Mexico City with more than 350 different species. This place is ideal to entertain children, while they learn about marine diversity and the importance of caring for the ocean).

Antara Fashion Hall (With a great culinary offer you can sit and relax after shopping their huge selection of retail stores. You will even find several recreational activities here, and the space is so well-kept and beautiful, that just walking around this place will be enough)

Teatro Telcel (Don’t miss out on the incredible plays that feature in this theater, including from Broadway. We guarantee you’ll witness an unforgettable play, no matter which one.)


Parque Lincoln (A lush green area in Polanco, full of nature, perfect for strolling around, going for a run or enjoying a day with your pet. Surrounding the park you will find a great variety of restaurants and stores.)

Avenida Presidente Masaryk (One of the most emblematic streets of the city, perfect for strolling, enjoying the surrounding architecture, international high end brand stores, and lots of nature).

Parque Escultórico Polanco ( A beautiful park where you will find a huge fountain, where people usually bring toy boats. Children and adults participate, and have fun with all the activities found in this park). 


Museo Jumex (A contemporary art museum and main platform of the Jumex foundation, this museum is dedicated to  inviting experimentation and innovation into the arts. With completely free access, you can enjoy an ever-changing artistic offer, with a wide diversity of works by world-renowned artists).

Museo Soumaya (This museum highlights a large private collection, which you can enjoy in less than a couple of hours and with free admission!

Galería Oscar Román (A small gallery, with big names. World-renowned artists coexist in this small gallery, exhibiting a series of unforgettable works)


Callejón 102 (In this huge marketplace, you’ll find independent art and design. It’s a place that seeks to unify the classic environment of the area with an open place of culture. It is a selling point for independent Mexican art, where you will be able to see unique pieces)

Mercado Escondido (If you are looking for a unique souvenir or the latest fashion, this is the perfect market for you. More than 30 different, young, mexican designers exhibit their work and talents here) 

Tráfico Bazar (Since 2009, this fair opened its doors to promote the work of young Mexican entrepreneurs. You’ll find music, fashion, and urban art made with talent and love).


Rosa Negro (One of the best rated and most exclusive restaurants in the City. With delicious food, its emblematic drinks and its delicious desserts. More than good food, expect a  whole experience involving ice, fire and other surprises.)

Animal (Mexican fusion cuisine. With its beautiful design and ambiance, excellent customer service, you can delight your palate with the most emblematic flavors of the northeastern part of the country).

Taboo (This restaurant offers excellent service, with a contemporary ambiance that radiates sophistication. Enjoy a menu with a great diversity of drinks and food. Your palate will be grateful.

✓Cool places and neighborhood secrets (Instagrameables):

Handshake Speakeasy Bar: A small, private place, decorated to the T, with an unforgettable mixology offer, don’t be surprised if you end up feeling like you’re living in the 20’s and breaking the law.

Uriarte Polanco : A magnificent well kept secret full of unique antiques that exude tradition and Mexican culture. If you want to take THE best souvenir home, here you will find plenty to choose from.

✓Dive Bars/NigntClubs:

Jules Basement : A small, intimate place that radiates exclusivity. Its clandestine concept and ambiance will live an impression on you, as it’s not every day when you enter a bar through a freezer)

Mamá Rumba (Looking for a place to go dancing all night long, this is the place!. With live music, a positive vibe, you’ll be dancing all night non-stop.)

✓Fun facts:

Polanco started out as an extension that belonged to the Hacienda de los Morales which today is a restaurant.

During the 30’s, a wave of foreigners arrived to live in the area. Families came from Germany, Spain and the Jewish community. 

Masaryk Street is named after Tomas Masaryk, the first president of Czechoslovakia. This street takes the 13th place in the list ‘The most expensive streets in the world’.

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