Places you need to know in Coyoacán

Coyoacán is ideal for families and young people. It represents an iconic era in Mexico City, as well as its evolution through time, culture and space. In Coyoacán you will find emblematic places,  cobblestone streets, old houses and architecture that will take you back to the colonial era of the country. You can enjoy the history it reflects, as well as its high gastronomic and cultural offer. 


Oasis Coyoacán

A market place (plaza in spanish) where you’ll find everything you can imagine, with beautiful decoration, a huge fountain that surrounds the building, many stores to visit, and many options to eat)

Cineteca Nacional

The Cineteca Nacional is a dream for movie lovers. Here you will find a unique line-up, a great variety of food and treats, art and culture related venues, and a cozy and friendly atmosphere.

Plaza Garibaldi

If you like picturesque folklore this is a must when visiting the city. Here you can stroll along the square, meet many locals that will offer you a great diversity of food and products while listening to a  traditional mariachi band.


Vivero Coyoacán

This beautiful nursery is a breath of fresh air, with its permanent exhibition of floriculture. An ideal place to go with family of go alone and walk through nature.

Jardín Centenario

A space that radiates tradition and culture wiith its many plazas, churches, craft fairs, and proximity to Frida Kalho’s House. You will enjoy the coyote pool monument, a must-see.


Frida Kahlo Museum

This museum was the  house where the great painter, author and artist Frida Kahlo, lived. Every corner of this museum will surprise you, as you will not only witness pure history, straight from Frida Kahlo’s hand, but you will get to know a house like no other.

Museo Diego Rivera Anahuacalli

This museum has an original exhibition, with a great diversity of pieces and works by the painter. The space is preserved from the colonial era, and you will be impressed by how beautiful the structure is.

Museo Casa Leon Trotsky

A true homage to Trotsky and his ideologies. His old house, still preserves the furniture that lived with him, reflecting the world events that marked the post-war period.


Mercado de Artesanías Zona Rosa

A small market where handicrafts are the main theme, with a huge variety of products, and a pleasant atmosphere.

  • Coyoacán Bazaar 
  • Mercadito Coyoacán 


Los Danzantes Coyoacán

A sensational restaurant. Their dishes will impress you, the ambiance is wonderful, and they are the most attentive when it comes to service.

Corazón de Maguey

Right in the heart of Coyoacán, this restaurant stands out for its ambiance and traditional food, with a contemporary touch that radiates sophistication.

✓Cool places and neighborhood best kept secrets (Instagrammable): 

Callejón del Aguacate (Avocado Alley )

A hidden spot  taken straight out of a fairy tale. With stone details, abundant nature and completely illuminated by the sun, this alley will leave you enchanted with its beauty.

Masayoshi Ohira Park

A hidden jewel of the city is this urban style park with hints of Japanese architecture and landscaping.

Avenida Francisco Sosa

One of the oldest avenues in the city, taking you directly into the heart of Coyoacán, this road is full of details, and ends at the Jardin Centenario.


Centenario 107

Centenario offers amazing drinks and more than 140 types of beers to choose from. They also serve tapas and pinchos and other complex dishes for the perfect night out.


If you’re looking for good food, drinks, and excellent music selection that appeals to all ages, this is the place to visit. With its three dollar drinks and cocktails and an unforgettable ambiance, Séptio is a local’s favorite spot too.

✓Fun facts:

Coyoacán translates as “place of the dreams of the coyotes”. 

Many national and international icon artists, intellectuals and politicians have lived in Coyoacán, such as Hernán Cortés, Luis Buñuel, Jorge Ibargüengoitia, David Alfaro Siqueiros, Miguel Ángel de Quevedo, Dolores del Río, Emilio “Indio” Fernández, Manuel Álvarez Bravo, León Trotzky, Octavio Paz, Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera.

This area is distinguished by its enormous variety of cantinas, mezcalerías and typical and traditional restaurants. 

On holidays, this is the most crowded area, due to its great presence of tradition and culture.

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